Exhibitor and Product List – China Machinery & Electronic Brand show (Philippines) 2019
No. Booth No. Company Name Products
Power & Electrical Products
1 130 Aidelon Electric(Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Busway, Cable Tray
2 225 Changzhou Beiante Power Machinery Co., Ltd. Generator, Water Pump, Engine
3 203 Changzhou Changmai Power Machinery Co., Ltd. Diesel Engine
4 602 Changzhou Deyong Machinery Co.Ltd. Diesel Engine, Diesel Welder & Generator, Diesel Water Pump
5 603 Changzhou Hexing Machinery Co.,Ltd. Marine Equipment, Diesel Generator, Outboard Motor
6 224 Changzhou Sealine Power Generation Co.,Ltd. Diesel Engine, Diesel Generator, Diesel Water Pump
7 228 China Machinery Engineering Wuxi Co.,Ltd. Solar Energy System
8 308 Chongqing Vehement Motor Co.,Ltd. Gasoline Power, Gasoline Pump, Gasoline Generator Set
9 128 Fuan Dagus Power Machinery Co.,Ltd. Diesel Generator Set, Alternator
10 209 Fuan Shenwei Electro Mechanical Co.,Ltd. Gasoline Generator, Engine, Water Pump and Spare Parts
11 129 Fuan Yuxing Machinery Co.,Ltd. Generator Parts
12 204 Fujian Bobig Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. Diesel Generator Sets
13 208 Fujian Lion Motor Co.,Ltd. Diesel Generator Set
14 205 Fujian New Huanqiu Electric Motor Co.,Ltd. Diesel Generator Sets
15 309 Fujian Quanzhou Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corp. Generator Set
16 227 Fujian Runda Power Machinery Co, Ltd. Diesel Generator Set
17 226 Fujian Surirella Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd. Diesel Generator Set
18 125 Fujian Xiangyu Trade  Co., Ltd. Diesel Generator Set, Alternator
19 124 Fujian Yihua Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd. Diesel Generator Set, Alternator
20 108 Hangzhou Anako Import and Export Co.,Ltd. EMT Conduit & Fittings, Conduit & Rigid Fittings, Flexible Conduit & Fittings
21 104&105 Hangzhou Times Import & Export Co., Ltd. EMT & IMC Conduit, Cable Tray, Distribution Box
22 103 Hongbao Power Supply Co., Ltd. AVR, Lighting Fixture
23 310 Huajia Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. Circuit Breaker, Distribution Box
24 223 Huzhou Huakang Motor Co.,Ltd. Motor
25 201 Jiangsu Wuidoo Power Technology Co.,Ltd. Diesel Generator Set
26 206 People Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. Circuit Breaker, AC Contactor, Relay, Fuse, ATS, Voltage Stabilizer
27 401 Powercity Electromechanical & Equipment Co.,Ltd. Diesel Generator Set, Dummy Load Bank, Automatic Transfer Switch
28 106 Shandong Huali Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Generator Set
29 306 Shandong Supermaly Generating Equipment Co .,Ltd. Diesel Generator Set
30 101 Shandong Superwatt Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Diesel Generator Set
31 601 Weifang Changsong Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd. Diesel Generator Set
32 221 Wenzhou Jovean & Rogy Trade Co .,Ltd. Circuit Breaker
33 109 Wenzhou Neo Technologies Co., Ltd. UPS, Voltage Stabilizer, Load Bank
34 123 Wenzhou Newbluesky Electrical Co.,Ltd. Circuit Breaker
35 110 Zhongshan Ruikang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Automatic Voltage Regulator&Fingerprint Lock
Supply Chain Management(Automobile & Auto Parts)
36 211 Jac Automobiles Int’L Phils.Inc. Jac Light Trucks, Heavyduty Trucks, Van, Passenger Car
37 330 Quanzhou Wanggong Electronic Scales Co., Ltd. Electronic Truck Scale, Floor Scale, Livestock Scale, Crane Scale, Platfrom
Scale, Feeder Scale, etc
38 111 Shandong Tangjun Ouling Automobile Manufacture Co.,Ltd. Light Truck
39 311 Shandong Wuzheng Group Farming Vehicle, Light Truck
40 604 Changzhou Eishin Co.,Ltd. Small Construction Machinery
41 504 Changzhou Guangming Pack Machinery Co.,Ltd. Carton Sealer, Strapping Machine, Wrapping Machine
42 607 China Machinery Engineering Suzhou Co.,Ltd. Blade Filter
43 428 Fujian Huada Electric Co.,Ltd. Industrial Ceiling Fans and Fans
44 329 Fujian Quanzhou Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corp. Refrigeration Machinery
45 501 Fujian Zhongshe Machinery & Equipment Imp.&Exp.Co.,Ltd. Air Compressor, Water Pump
46 425 Jiangsu Haitel Machinery Co.,Ltd Packing Machine
47 328 Shandong Tavol Machinery Co.,Ltd. Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Jib Crane, Mobile Crane, Hoist Tower Crane, Construction Building Hoist, Scissor Lift, Cargo Lift, Home Lift, Forklift
48 405 Taixing Wuxin Precision Casting Co., Ltd. Precision Casting
49 505 Wuxi Sikaifu Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Angle Seat Valve, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Needle Valve
50 409 Xiamen Xinaoge Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd. 12/16/20 Colour Screw Automatic Dripping Machine
51 507 Xinlei Compressor Co.,Ltd. Air Compressor,xlpm10a(7.5kw, pm motor, with inverter, save energy), xlpm30a(22kw,pm motor,with inverter,save energy),zbw64-24l ( 0.75kw, oil free, silent )
52 429 Yanfeng Group Co.,Ltd. PP Woven Sack Machinery
53 503 Zhejiang Jianda Machinery Co.,Ltd Lamianting Machine, Stretch Film Machine, Bubble Film Machine
54 606 Zhejiang Qingxiao Technology Co.,Ltd. Pump
55 426 Zhejiang Shanhai Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd. Air Compressor
56 502 Zhejiang Sini Machinery Co., Ltd. Paper Cup Machine, Paper Cup Sleeve Machine
57 427 Zhejiang Sunhi-Mach Import & Export Co.,Ltd. Air Compressor
Hardware Tools
58 406 Shanghai Wellzoom International Trade Co., Ltd. NS Pump, KT Pump, PVC Layflat Hose, PVC Corrugated Hose, Power Tools and Accessories
59 404 Zhejiang Xingda Stationery Co.,Ltd. Cutter, Graver, Scraper, Blade
60 407 Zhenjiang Jinhuasheng Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. Stainless Steel
Household Appliances
61 303&304 Besso Sound System (Suzhou) Ltd. Sound Equipment, Auto Tools
62 301 Hong Kong Konka Ltd. TV
63 305 Ningbo Jiayuan Electronic Co.,Ltd. Car Refrigerator
64 324 Yongkang Lingying Industrial &Trading Co.,Ltd. Cup
65 325 Yongkang Longjia Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd. Aluminum Non-Stick Pot
66 323 Zhejiang Kuaiyang Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd. Non-Stick Cookware